Success Stories

Hope North currently supports 255 students and 26 Ugandan staff members, over 1,500 vulnerable youth have lived at Hope North.

There is a permanent nurse on-site at Hope North to assist with health related checkups including HIV/AIDS testing, treatment, and counseling.

In the past two years, 138 students have qualified for national examinations.

6 students from the past year’s graduating class entered university or other higher-level institutions of learning.

Over 25 Hope North students have graduated from vocational college.

Hope North’s Leadership Circle consists of Susan Sarandon, Forest and Keisha Whitaker, Mary-Louise Parker, Andrea Kerzner and Terry Torok from the Lalela Project, Theo Koffler from Mindfulness Without Borders, Steven Tuttleman and Elizabeth Cuthrell, and Greg Ammon.

Thanks to Lalela Project, Hope North’s arts and healing curriculum has a new home, the I AM Peace Center for the Arts. In September 2012, Lalela opened an arts center on the Hope North campus, click here to see a short video of the joyous opening ceremonies.



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