Okello Sam Speaking Engagements

Corporations, schools, religious institutes and other interested parties can book Okello Sam for motivational speeches, team building activities through drum and dance, and musical performances.

Okello Kelo Sam is a motivating example of the power of human drive and positive attitude. Sam finds hope and humor even at the brink of death, and his presentation motivates participants to discover what drives their own passions. Beginning with the emotional drive north where he began Hope North, Okello punctuates his memorable story with original music, and inspiring messages for all of us, so that listeners will be inspired to feel good by doing good. And through his own drive, he will inspire listeners to discover what drives them. Says Okello, ‚ÄúI will not even think of failing. I will not even think of stopping. Because if we all had a challenge and stopped, then what would happen?‚ÄĚ

In addition to his motivating and inspirational speech, Okello performs workshops on team-building, leadership, and traditional Ugandan music and dance.

“Your presentation about your life experience was powerful and inspirational‚Ķ May Hope North continue to thrive.”¬†-James L. “Skip” Rutherford III,¬†Dean,¬†Clinton School of Public Service

“I was humbled by the compassion that came from such a courageous hero. Okello‚Äôs fun-loving attitude and positive energy is contagious.”¬†-Dwayne Clark, Founder and CEO, Aegis Living

“I treasure the experience, I treasure the drum I now have, and I treasure having my eyes, mind and heart opened to Hope North.”¬†-Bonnie Clark, workshop participant

Past speaking engagements, live performances and workshops include:

February 2011, Global Action Forum, live performance
May 2012, Google Idea forum on Illicit Networks at Tribeca Film Festival, featured panelist
July 2012, Google Idea Summit, featured panelist
September 2012, Conde Nast Traveler Visionary Awards, award recipient and performance
September 2012, President Clinton School for Public Service, featured speaker
September 2012, Orange County chapter of Gen Next, featured speaker
January 2013, Aegis Living – EPIC 2013, featured speaker
February 2014, Global Citizen Kelowna’s Speakers Series, featured speaker
April 2014, Variety Magazine Power of Women Awards, featured speaker

Contact info@hopenorth.org to book Okello Sam for your special event

Original Music

Hear more of Okello’s music

A view of the Hope North campus.

Peace advocate and Hope North donor Forest Whitaker lends a hand while visiting in 2007.

Hope North students on a break from class.

Students heal through arts programs, including music, theater and dance.

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Students taking examinations at Hope North.

Some Hope North students show up with a single suitcase.

The students bake bread every day that is sold in the local markets.

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